How to reset an Ontrack password

This can be done for your own log in or on behalf of another user (all you will need is their Kaplan ID).
To access the password reset email, please: 


1. Completely remove the hyperlink at the top of the page and type in - once the page is up, please bookmark it.

Tip: If you are resetting a password for another user and don't wish to log out of your own profile, try using another browser or Incognito/In -Private browsing tab. 


2. Select the Forgot your password?  link, as below- 

Forgot your password?


3. You will be prompted to input your Student number (The 8-Digit number you received in your Welcome email) and follow the reCAPTCHA instructions  

















Note: Your email will arrive within approx. 5-10 minutes to the email address registered with the entered Kaplan ID. Please check Junk/spam mail before sending again.

Do not send the email multiple times. Each new email will override the previous and you may receive multiple expired links. 



If you have not received your Welcome email, Student Number or if your password reset email has not been received (after following all of the above steps)

Please call our friendly support team on 1300 527 526 or email us at

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