Kaplan Education Courses- How to allocate CPD Hours

You have completed a Kaplan Education course that awards CPD.


Attention: For trouble shooting/ FAQs, please scroll to the end.

Financial advisers are able to allocate up to 30 hours of Formal education which can count towards the 40 hour/point target.

A new feature of the Ontrack Platform is that you now have the ability to edit your CPD hours/points, choosing where to allocate those CPD hours/points. 

This feature is especially beneficial for learners who have completed multiple course subjects within the same CPD plan period (i.e. Financial year or Calendar year). 

You can find our Post Graduate course CPD Mappings here- 



1. Click on the Red notification bubble and then the Action Item “You have Kaplan Education Course completion record(s) to review.”

.Action Items

If this notification has disappeared or previously selected and you wish to edit again, you can instead access your Privacy Settings.

Privacy Settings

2. There are now 2 actions on this screen which need attending to.

Should you wish to apply the CPD hours/points towards your professional development plan requirements, simply change the NO toggle to YES and the hours/points will then populate on your My Learning dashboard.

Completion record








If you leave the toggle as NO, the hours will not count towards your yearly requirements.

You also have the option to apply to all plans or if you are allocated to more than one plan, you can choose which plan to allocate it to.

In most cases, you will be assigned to one plan only.

To make changes to the allocated hours/points select the Edit CPD Button

This allows you to choose whether you would like the full hours/points awarded to just one course or if you wish to allocate only a portion and spread the formal education allowance amongst other Formal Education activities. 

When you have multiple subject completions in the same plan period, it may be beneficial to compare your outstanding professional development plan targets (on your My learning dashboard) and allocate from the aligning Topics/ Sub-Topics from your completed courses.

For example; the 3 below courses were completed in the same calendar year, each worth 30 CPD Hours/points.













Referencing the Dashboard and the remaining targets -


















You can determine the calculation of hours/points (equal or less than the total awarded CPD) to best match your requirements.

See below, the total CPD allocation for the subject; Economic and Legal Content for Financial Planning is a total value of 10 hours/points, focusing on the Regulatory Compliance and consumer protection Topic and Regulatory environment Sub-Topic.












You will then have another 20 hours/Points you can allocate between other subjects/courses completed within your current plan period, providing no other Formal Education supplementary learning activities have been allocated.

Once you have made your changes to each subject, click the Update button. 


To save your changes and exit, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save

To save your changes and exit, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save.


You can access all of your Kaplan Education Course Completion records from Privacy Settings.


Important Points to remember:

  • You can only enter in a CPD value which is equal to or less than the value indicated in Grey and the subtopic totals must match the topic value.
  •  Any changes you make to a subject CPD allocation can take a few minutes to reflect on your My learning dashboard. Should you wish to make any additional changes after clicking the Save button, you will need to wait 5 minutes while the platform re-calculates your changes.
  • You can only allocate CPD to Topics & Sub-Topics mapped to your completed course(s). Additional Topics and or Sub-Topics cannot be added or substituted.
  • Any hours/points accumulated after the Formal Education cap has been met will not be awarded or appear on the dashboard, unless you edit the CPD values to accommodate your preferred allocations.
  • Courses and Subjects will only count towards the CPD year you have completed them within. CPD does not carry over to your next plan period. 
  • Your plan period is determined by your organisation/ licensee.


Trouble Shooting/ FAQs:

  1. Do you have multiple Kaplan IDs, i.e. 1 for your Education and 1 for your CPD? In order for your Kaplan Education course points to come across to your dashboard, your IDs will need to be merged into 1 record. Please contact us to request this action.
  2. Has the notification disappeared from your profile? You can always access your Kaplan Education records via Privacy Settings.
  3. Have you allocated your CPD hours/points, saved your changes but the dashboard hasn't updated? Firstly, please ensure you have selected apply/save at the bottom of the edit CPD screen. If the dashboard still hasn't updated, please contact us.



Should you require any assistance with allocating CPD from Kaplan Education, please call 1300 527 526 or email pdmail@kaplan.edu.au.