Learning Content - How to access Learning Content and Assessments

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How to search for a piece of Learning Content

  1. Click on the Learning content tile. 


Learners home screen

  1. The next screen will show Kaplan Professional and Corporate learning content available to you.  

Learning Content

  3. Click into the Search box. You now have the option to search for content based on a title or keyword. 

Learning Content

  4. The More drop-down field also allows a  advanced search based on different set criteria.  

Learning Content Search

Input the criteria you are after and click search

Keyword and phrases 

Allows you to search using specific words or phrases 


Topics within the library 



Learning type 

You have the option to select how you would like to view the content.  

Delivery type 

You can select how you would like the content delivered 

Mandatory learning  

You can search for mandatory and non-mandatory learning 

Time to complete 

Allows you to search for learning content with a specific time limit 

Total CPD minutes 

Search for content with a specified CPD minutes 

Total CPD points 

Search for content with specified CPD points 

Published date from 

Select a date range from when the content was published  

Published date to 

Select a date range to when the content was published  

Published by 

Select between Kaplan and Corporate content  


Status of the content  

  • Approved  

  • In Development  

  • Inactive  

  • Pending approval   


   5. Once you have found the learning content item you are after, click on the title .  

Learning Content

5. It will then display further information such as the overview, learning outcomes, topics, and accreditation details.    


6. When you are ready to proceed, click the Launch button.

Launch Learning Content



(a). From the next screen, select Start Module

Start Module


(b). Navigate through the content, ensuring you access all of the included links, and/or videos.



(c). At the very end of the learning content, you will have the opportunity to "Print Module".

Please note: This is a reference sheet only. 


8. Once you are ready to commence the Assesment select Take Assessment

Take Assessment

9. Accept the following declaration to proceed-

Start assessment

Finally, you'll be reminded how long you have to complete the quiz-



IMPORTANT: Closing the assessment, navigating away or timing out of the assessment will result in an unsuccessful attempt. 

Please ensure you will have the uninteruppted time before commencing.


10. Once you've commenced, the time remaining will be located on the right and the questions on the left.

Note: Kaplan Professional allows free navigation of the questions in the assessments, however, content created by your Corporation may not. 

Once you have completed the questions, select Finish Attempt-

Finish attempt


Your results will be posted in the following screen- 




Should you require any assistance with searching for content on Ontrack, please call 1300 527 526 or email pdmail@kaplan.edu.au 


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