Learning Content- How to Bookmark learning content

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A new feature of the Ontrack platform is the Bookmarking tab.

Using this feature is beneficial when you may want to re-visit a particular article at a later time.

This provides an easy to access shortcut to your bookmarked modules.


1. From the home screen, select the “Learning Content” tile

Learning Content


2. On each Article preview there is a small ribbon-like icon. Select this icon, to save the article to Bookmarks.

When the icon is highlighted, it has been saved.

Located at the top of the screen, is the same ribbon-like icon. Select this to view the saved article.



3. To remove a bookmark, simply unselect the icon so that it is no longer highlighted.




Should you require any assistance with bookmarking content, please call 1300 527 526 or email pdmail@kaplan.edu.au