Learning Content- How to create custom Learning Content

- You are a manager with appropriate permissions

1. From the homepage, select the Learning Content tile 

Learning content


2. To add a piece of content and/or an assessment, click on + Add Learning Item 



3. Enter the item details information. All fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory fields.  




Item details summary 


Name of the training 

Overview (Optional)

Allows you to provide an overview of the content piece.

Summary Image (Optional)

Add an image which is relevant to the content. 

Keyword(s) and phrases (Optional)

Keywords and tags can be used as filters in the Learning content search bar. 

Estimated duration - In minutes

Estimated time it will take to read and complete the assessment.  

Learning Structure (Assessed or Non-Assessed) 

This refers to if the content has an assessment or not. 

Mandatory Learning 

Select Yes to make the learning content Mandatory for allocated learners to complete- they will also receive an in-platform notification.

Activity type* 

Indicates if the content is: 

  • Formal Education -An Accredited Qualification

  • Non-Formal Education - Unaccredited training and courses

  • Product Accreditation - Includes Tier 1 and Tier 2 knowledge areas.

  • Professional and Technical Reading -

  • Professional Development -  This includes any activities considered professional development e.g., Ontrack Modules, Professional Development days, Conferences, Webinars.

  • Short Course - This includes short courses attended by the learner or completed online.

Learning type* 

Indicates if the content is: 

  • Audio 

  • Interactive 

  • Multimedia 

  • Reflection 

  • Text only 

  • Video 

Delivery type* 

Indicates if the content is: 

  • Blended 

  • Conference 

  • Face to face 

  • Online 

  • Webinar 

Learning outcomes 


Foundation skills 



4. Enter the Mapping item information. All fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory fields.  

Mapping Item summary 

Libraries * 

Choose the relevant library on your account 


Choose the topic area that the learning content relates to 


Enter a sub-topic the learning content relates to 


Complete the accreditation information  


5. Select the Publish from date. If there is no end date for your training, please leave the end date blank. You then have the option to allocate the learning content to those who are subscribed to that library, or you can select to allocate by learner.  


Then select Save And Next.  


6. It will then take you to the Add Corporate Learning Content Item - Content And Assessment screen.  


7. To add content, click on the + Add button and select the Content option. You will need to select the type of content you wish you load into Ontrack.  .

Note: The maximum upload size per file is 15MB


Once you have made your selection, select the Create button. 

If selecting the Scorm package or File option, you will then need to upload the content file.  

If you choose the URL option, you will be required to enter the URL. 


8. To add an assessment, click the + Add button and select Assessment. 




Name of the learning content 


You can enter in a description of the assessment if you chose too 

Time Limit 

Allows you to enter in a time limit for the assessment 



Question layout* 

Allows you to choose how many questions are displayed on the page 

Navigation method 

Allows you to choose if you want the assessment to be sequential or free ie. Go back and forward between questions.  


Grade and Attempts 

Pass mark* 

Overall Pass mark for the assessment  

Total mark* 

The maximum mark the learner can get

Total number of question(s)* 

Total number of questions 

Number of attempts* 

Allows you to enter the number of attempts you would like to the learner to have at an assessment

Boundary Grade This is calculated based on the pass mark and total mark i.e 3/4 would be 75%

Select Save And Next.  


Question name 

Allows you to enter in the Question name I.e Question 1 

Question text 

Allows you to enter your question 

Default mark 

This is usually set to 1 

Answer type 

Choose between 1 or more correct answers 

Shuffle the choice 

Allows you to shuffle the distractors 

Number the choices 

Choose how you would like to display your distractors  



Choice 1 

Allows you to populate an answer 

Correct Answer 

Select this if this is the correct answer to the question 


Provide feedback on the question. Example: Refer to “this section” of the content.  


Note: You must have a minimum of 2 choices. Additional choices can be added by clicking the Add Another Choice + option.  

Then click Save.  

9. Once you have loaded your content and assessment, click the Next button and it will then take you to the Edit Learning Content Item page. When you are ready to Approve the learning content, change the status from In Development to Approved and click on Save and Next. The learning content will then become available to your learners. To exit out click on the Close button.  



Should you require any assistance with creating learning content and assessments, please call 1300 527 526 or email pdmail@kaplan.edu.au.  



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