Learning Content - How to search and view learning content

How to search for a learning content


1. Click on the Learning content tile and a list of Kaplan Professional and Corporate content (if any) will show on your account.  



2. To search for content based on Keywords or the title of the article, you can type in the Search box-


The More drop-down field also allows an advanced search based on different criteria-

Keyword and phrases Allows you to search using specific words or phrases 
Libraries Select between the Ontrack libraries you are allocated to 
Topics Topics within the library 
Sub-Topics Sub-topics within a Topic 
Learning type You can select how you would like the content delivered e.g. Online
Published date Select a date range from when the content was published 
Published by Select between Kaplan or Corporate content 

Status of the content 

  • Approved 
  • In Development 
  • Inactive 
  • Pending approval  


Alternatively, you can access targeted content is via the My Learning dashboard-


Selecting the desired Topic or Sub-Topic, you will be linked to a filtered page which lists all the mapped articles awarding CPD in that area (upon successful completion). 


Content is listed newest to oldest. We do recommend using up older Learning content first by scrolling to higher number at the bottom of the page - 





Should you require any assistance with searching for content on Ontrack, please call 1300 527 526 or email pdmail@kaplan.edu.au 


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