My Learning - Record Conflict Resolution

Only learners have access to amend these allocations. Administrators cannot view and/or edit conflict resolution notifications or leaner's Privacy settings.



Financial Advisers have a limit to the amount of CPD that can be awarded from certain learning types-

  • 30-hour limit on Formal Education (An accredited qualification) and 
  • 4-hour limit on Professional and Technical reading (Reading approved by your licensee and relevant to the Financial Services industry). 

Once the cap has been reached, Supplementary learning activities may still be uploaded to Ontrack and Kaplan Education Courses can still be accepted and be recorded in your completion history, however, you may receive a Conflict resolution notification.



Upon opening the Conflict resolution page, the activity and mapping will be broken down.

Showing you the activity details and Total CPD Values of the activity in question. 

Further down you can view the remaining capped value and then you are prompted to allocate the remaining cap value, within the Topic CPD Values

Pictured below, this activity is mapped for a total of 45 points with only 28 points remaining in the Formal Education allowance. At the bottom of the screen your outstanding PDP targets (relevant to this activity) are included. Take note of these to make the most of your CPD allocations. 



Once you’ve completed your allocations, be sure to save before exiting. 

Upon returning to your Dashboard, please refresh and your CPD should update. 


Important Points to remember:

  • You can only enter in a CPD value which is equal to or less than the value indicated in Grey and the subtopic totals must match the topic value.
  • You can only allocate CPD to Topics & Sub-Topics mapped to your completed course(s). Additional Topics and or Sub-Topics cannot be added or substituted.
  • Any points accumulated after the Formal Education cap has been met will not be awarded or appear on the dashboard, unless you edit the CPD values to accommodate your preferred allocations.
  • Courses and Subjects will only count towards the CPD year you have completed them within. CPD does not carry over to your next plan period. 
  • Your plan period is determined by your organisation/ licensee.



Quick links- 

To review and/or adjust your Kaplan Education Course CPD allocations, please find the below link –

To review and/or adjust any approved Supplementary learning activities, please see our support guide here -


Should you require any assistance with your conflict resolution notification or CPD allocations, please call us on 1300 527 526 or email