My Learning- Your Ontrack Dashboard and CPD explained

An overview of your dashboard and how to interpret your completed CPD


1. A quick snapshot of your My Learning Dashboard -






























2. When opening your Learning Content modules, you will note the displayed; time to complete and amount of CPD that will be awarded (upon successful completion):

attempts remaining

The Overview of the modules further outlines which Topics and/or Sub-topics your CPD will be awarded to:








For example: For the above learning, the overall awarded CPD is 1pt, taking 60 mins to complete. 1 CPD = 1 Hour.

Once you have successfully completed an Ontrack article, the awarded CPD (as per the article’s Overview) will appear on your Dashboard in the relevant Topics and/or Sub-Topics.

Topics (FASEA areas) appear in blue, as below:







Sub-Topics (Knowledge areas) appear in Purple, as below:












Completion totals are shown in the coloured bars and the Targets (as per your training plan) are noted on the right. See above.

3. The points that feed into your overall CPD “dial” will pull only from the CPD awarded to Topic areas of each learning content item or Supplementary learning activity.











Your completion totals under Topics will match the dial on your dashboard.

Note: If you find that your Topic total doesn't match- It may be because your plan excludes some of the Topic areas. You can run an "Export completed learning report" to see the full break down of your completed CPD.

4. On the right of the screen, you will note the below:

  1. Link to download a PDF copy of your Training Plan
  2. Shortcut to download a Completed Learning Report
  3. Activity Type Caps (maximum point value from Formal Education and Professional and Technical reading that will count towards your PDP target.).










Should you require any assistance with on how to interpret your dashboard, please call 1300 527 526 or email