Privacy Settings- Supplementary Learning Completion Records

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These settings are only visible to each learner's own records. Account Administrators and/or Supervisors cannot impersonate to view these settings.

Supplementary Learning Completion Records


Within Ontrack learners have the option to control who has visibility of their previous Supplementary Learning records. This may affect the full reporting abilities of Account Administrators and Supervisors.

These options are available to learners who have moved from at least 1 account to another and maintain the same Kaplan ID number. 

To access these settings-

  1. Select the "Cog" icon at the top of the screen 
  2. Select Privacy Settings.


Privacy Settings








  • On the next screen, select View next to the heading Supplementary Learning Completion Record 

If you cannot select View, this may mean you have multiple IDs or you have no Supplementary learning activities uploaded from previous accounts.











3. You have 3 options when selecting the visibility of your supplementary learning records.

  • All Visible -Keep all records visible across all of your accounts (this is the default setting) - automatically setting all existing and new supplementary learning records to be visible across all accounts.
  • All Hidden -Hide all of your Supplementary learning records - This setting will automatically set all existing and new supplementary learning records to be hidden across all accounts.
  • Customised -Use the toggles (pictured below) to determine which records you would like to see across each of your accounts. Any new supplementary learning records will default to Hidden.

Please note: If your Supplementary Learning was created and approved in an account, it will always be visible in that account, these can be found in the Supplementary Learning section of Ontrack and will not be displayed here.

Completion Record


















In the above example, I've Hidden 2 activities from Employer 2- this automatically changed my selection to "Customised" and Employer 2 cannot view these activities in my reports or when impersonating my profile.

Please note: Any records hidden from an employer/account will not appear in reports run by your Account Administrator or Supervisor, therefore, these points will not roll over to any professional development plans within the same plan period of completion. 

If you believe any records may be missing or if you have multiple Kaplan IDs with CPD records, please reach out to our team for assistance.


Should you require any assistance with editing your Supplementary Learning Completion Record(s), please call 1300 527 526 [and select option 1] or email