Frequently Asked Questions

What reports can I run as a learner?

As a Learner, you will have 3 reports available to you. A description has been included for each report so you know what the report will display for you.   

  • Professional Development Plan Progress - this report displays your professional development plan targets, how much has been completed and how much is remaining to complete for each requirement.
  • Completed Learning - this report displays your completion record details
  • Export Completed Learning - this report allows you to choose what completion record details you would like to report.

Click the View button next to the report you wish to run.  

Once you have selected the report you wish to run select the report options you require and then click on export. This will then generate an excel file which will provide your progress/completed training. 


What training will be available?

Kaplan Professional will provide webinar training sessions for learners.  The platform also includes comprehensive in-platform guides and assistance.

Our experienced Transition Team Support team will be available on phone and email.


What will the learner dashboard look like?

There’s a new and improved learner dashboard. It will incorporate Professional Development plan requirements, as well as easy access to Kaplan Professional content and completion information.  


Can I use my existing Kaplan Professional student number or Ontrack login?

If you have previously studied with Kaplan Professional, you may already have a student portal access and logins will remain unchanged. If you access the existing Ontrack platform using your ‘INT’ number, this number will no longer work in the new platform. You will be provided with your student umber and a link to set your password.


Will learners still complete CPD training the same way?

Essentially, yes! The learning content will be displayed in a series of tiles. These are then separated by Kaplan Professional content, mandatory corporate content and then by topic areas, which have been assigned to the learner to complete. We’re delighted to advise the look and feel of the content is a significant improvement compared to the current Ontrack platform.


Can I still run the same reports?

Generally, yes.  However, we’ve reviewed and simplified some of the reports to ensure they’re user-friendly and easy to understand.


Will my external training be entered the same way?

Yes! We’ve renamed any external training to ‘Supplementary Learning’.

We’ve worked hard to simplify this process for our subscribers. Learners will now be able to upload a copy of their completion certificate into the Ontrack platform.  A copy of this will then be available for the Ontrack Administrator/ Supervisor to review and approve.